Mandi is a traditional dish which originates from Yemen. The Arabic root word "nada" means "dew" which refers to the tender texture of the flavored meat. With its essential ingredients being meat, choice of lamb or chicken, rice and a mixture of simple, yet exceptional, a combination of delicate spices and nuts. This dish has been exponentially gaining popularity in the Gulf Nations, the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Levant and even Turkey.


Mandi's main ingredients include a portion of fluffy rice, a dash of rich spices and a big portion of hot crispy roasted meat. Commonly, to enhance the luscious taste, a young lamb is used as the meat substitute. The fresh spice mixture is cooked with the best grade of Basmati rice. The meat is placed in the tandoor to roast perfectly, coming out with a firmly crisp outer and smooth and tender centre. Raisins, almonds and onion crisps are added as per one's specific taste. This mouth-watering dish is widely favoured all around the world and serves as an exemplary dish of the Arabian culture. Try the finest, freshest and most delicious Mandi now, and get ready to be blown away!

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